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Dillon Francis is back to set the electronic music scene ablaze with a spiritual follow-up to one of his most beloved records.

Francis’ new album, This Mixtape Is Fire TOO, is an eclectic offering that melds the essence of the producer’s long-standing collaborative friendships with the innovative spirit of dance music’s rising stars. Stylistically, the diverse, 14-track project feels very much cut from the same cloth as 2015’s This Mixtape Is Fire, a record that went on to critical acclaim.DILLON FRANCIS REIGNITES "THIS MIXTAPE IS FIRE

Naturally, Francis doesn’t hesitate to wander into uncharted territory. He joined forces with Good Times Ahead for “LA On Acid,” a quirky acid- and bounce-infused collaboration that notably features a cameo from Diplo in its mind-melting music video. Truly, dance music superstars of all walks got in on the incendiary action, including Alesso on the groovy “Free,” which features sultry vocals from Clementine Douglas.

Elsewhere in the album, Francis gave shine to today’s ascendant generation of producers, most notably EDM.com Class of 2022 star Knock2 on the bass house anthem “buttons!.” Francis’ pulse on emerging talent has never been more apparent as the two deliver a track that’s both edgy and invigorating.

Further diversifying the album, “Pretty People” sees Francis bringing to the forefront Turkish star INJI, who delivers an earworm of a hook with unending repeat potential.

Released via Astralwerks, This Mixtape Is Fire TOO is a long-awaited re-affirmation that there’s certainly a method to Francis’ madness. Stream the album in-full below.

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