Tarah Who?: A Mirthful Look at LA’s Eclectic Rock Star, Rocking Out With Tarah Who?

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Tarah Who

Take a close look at your circle of friends if you ever find yourself in the thick of a discussion about the top rock musicians to come out of Los Angeles, California and the name “Tarah Who?” isn’t mentioned. Tarah Who? is rocking the world with a love for music that rivals a supernova and a talent for creating original rock n’ roll and punk tunes. Each of the high-voltage rockstar’s followers and admirers is a testimonial of her electric skill and artistic brilliance. 

A brand-new album by Tarah Who? called “The Collaboration Project” was just published. Prepare yourself for disappointment if you think the album’s title may be humorous. This artist takes her work seriously, and it’s obvious. Although the album is a fantastic feast of rock, grunge, punk, and emotionally-charged lyrical masterpieces, it may tickle your musical funny bone. 

Tarah ensured that “The Collaboration Project” lived up to its name as the album’s producer. With a group of talented musicians from around the globe, it’s like the United Nations of Rock. It’s more than simply an album; it’s a well-balanced global rock festival contained within a CD case or streaming platform. 

So “Tarah Who?” and “The Collaboration Project” are just what you need whether you enjoy rock music, value global harmony, or simply adore an album with a title that poses a question. If Tarah Who?’s music doesn’t knock your socks off, maybe you should think about a career in stand-up comedy. Because, let’s face it, you have to have a great sense of humor to not like Tarah Who?’s songs.

Website: https://tarahwho.com/

Youtube – “Sell it to the world”

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