Who is Steven Van? Changing lives 1 picture at a time.

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Steven Van

Where are you from?
I’m from San Diego California

Who inspires your work?
God and nature

What celebrities have purchased from work you?
The biggest client commission I’ve received was with Coca-Cola

What gets your creative juices flowing?
Music. I love it all. I mostly play classical music all day long

Who would you like to to see purchase your work?

Tell me about Steve Van……
Steven Van, b. 1986

Lives and works in Atlanta Georgia 


The fine lines between the reverie and the tangible, a rooted fascination with the visual luxuries of ancient Suessian and a commanding hunger to explore the native abstract charm within the disciplines of the real and unreal cultures are all at work for now Georgia-based artist Steven Van.  His meticulous draftsmanship and articulation in executing hallucinatory perspective and line contribute to the timeless quality of his visual discourse.  Sometimes occupying in surreal surroundings, sometimes poised in a soundless lagoon of negative space, his abstract compositions dictate a distinctive presence wakening the royal breeze of a new Renaissance-era.  These finely created works communicate a sacred, time-honored juncture.  Devoted to authentic, creative intuition and infusing a native, urban taste into his work, Van’s work is grounded in a diverse range of foundations from Renaissance painting, Abstract Surrealism landscapes married with contemporary graffiti and platinum age colors.

Steven Van was born in Fallbrook CA in 1986. For the last 19 years, Van’s work has been exhibited at commercial, private collections, galleries and museums around the world.  Van has worked with national brands such as Coca Cola and Ford. Van lives and works in Atlanta Georgia.

Steven Van

Artist Statement

Creating is my exertion to self-awareness.  I search thru creation, producing an experience equal to the viewer.  My work has subjectively diverse interpretations as each assists as a reflection versus a resulting final product.  The world I see and hold in respect for impacts the greater obsolete manners of my craft.  Creating is my vehicle that teaches me how to change every situation into a favorable circumstance.  All of my artworks are composed using black because black is simple, straightforward, uncomplicated and full of unlimited possibilities.


Through design and color, I hope that my art impacts everyone on the same deeper level as it does me with the feeling of their own individuality and story. My work is bold in both medium and philosophy. All of my artworks are composed using black because all things in nature are black until exposed to the light. I’m also reaching a stage in my work where little by little I’m using only a small number of forms and colors. Finding simplicity in balance of shapes and composition that allows the eye to follow and flow in harmony with the image.

What made you go into art? 

My journey into art began early childhood right outside my house. I absorbed a lot of my creative stimuli and appreciation for art from looking up at the trees, the birds, the stars, collecting rocks and understanding silence. Since then, I can go to that peaceful place anytime I want.

Where do you see yourself in 2024

My goal is to contribute to art history.

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